“Bloody Brilliant” A Killing Moon – Steven Dunne

A young Irish student, Caitlin Kinnear goes missing on her way home from a night out. With no clue as to her whereabouts and doubt over whether or not a crime has even been committed DI Damen Brook finds himself under pressure from superintendent Charlton to turn his hand to some scrap metal theft investigation…if you know Brook then you know that’s just not his thing!
He is determined to pursue all potential leads on the missing girl and he soon finds a connection with other young migrant women. Soon we are drawn into a shady world of Polish “businessmen” and extreme Pro Life protesters.
Brook and his DS Noble work well together…socially awkward Brook relying on Noble to pave the way in social niceties. Brook can be an enigma to many but he is a thorough and decent detective who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers in his quest for justice.
There is however a darker side to Brook alluded to in each of Steven Dunne’s books and a little more is uncovered each time.
Gritty and dark..it kept me guessing all the way to the end. Terrifying twists and turns made it impossible to put the book down…a rollercoaster of emotions but at the end left me wanting more. I cannot think of any negatives other than I didn’t want it to end!
Over the five of Steven’s books Brook’s character is slowly uncovered but enough of a mystery to leave you wanting even more. Although part of a series it can be read alone but I would recommend that you read the other 4 too.
I only wish I could award more than five stars! Bloody brilliant!!


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