Evil Games – Angela Marsons

I received an advance copy of Evil Games in return for an honest review.
The second book by Angela Marsons opens with the arrest of a father who has abused his daughters. Running parallel to this is Kim’s psychological battle with sociopathic psychologist Alex…who recognises the pain that Kim seeks to hide and is determined to make her her next victim of Evil manipulation.
Angela has developed Kim’s character in Evil Games and while she remains a cold and focused character we get to delve further into the events in her childhood which shaped her.
The story is fast moving and gritty – dealing with some horrific issues but it doesn’t glorify them – instead drawing the reader into the quest for justice to be delivered. Kim is the detective determined to bring that justice.
I love the character of Kim Stone – her coldness and focus hides both a passion for the victim but also a thin line she walks between her own sanity and a drop into the horror of her past. She is enigmatic but fair and there is a whole series out there waiting to uncover more about Kim.
This is a gripping psychological thriller that will leave readers dying for more. A well deserved five stars.

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