Police meet the Paranormal: Don’t Turn Around by Caroline Mitchell

Police procedural with paranormal twist. This is not my normal type of book preferring to stick with the “real” element of crime and thrillers; however having found out a bit more about Caroline and her real life experiences along with my belief in a world beyond our own I was intrigued to read this – and I wasn’t disappointed!
D.C. Jennifer Knight has been “hearing voices” since a child and as you can imagine this is not received well by her colleagues in the police. The Book focuses on similarities in recent deaths to those investigated before by her mother and D.C. Knight is determined not to let them go.
I liked Jennifer as she is a strong character, we get hints of her past but they are not fully disclosed in this book, her relationship with Will is central to her position as he is one of the fee colleagues who does not write her off due to her unique abilities and insights.
The Book kept me gripped from start to finish, scared the living daylights out of me and made me think about the things that happen that we have no real explanation for and just how much is influenced by the paranormal.
If you don’t like “out the box” then this is probably not for you, me I can’t wait to pick up the next one and start it!

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