The Guillotine Choice by Michael J Malone – deeply moving

This is not my normal choice of book but having read 3 of Michael J Molone’s McBain novels and completely intrigued by the back story around his agreement to co-write I decided to move out of my comfort zone.
Set in 1920s Alegeria “The Guillotine Choice” tells the true story of a young man sent to the notorious Devils Island rather than betray his own family.
From the start I was moved and humbled by Kaci Saoudi’s dignity, courage and his belief in what is right and just. I was brought to tears as he leaves his father for the very last time and the horrors he endured throughout his incarceration as we witness the depths that humanity has sunk to throughout the years. I felt as though I was right there with him on that island. I was engrossed in the book from start to finish. Bashir you must be so very proud of the man that your father was.

Five star read without a doubt


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