Beside Myself – Ann Morgan

BesideMyself_SharonBairdenCompulsive, dark, heartbreak and completely unputdownable! Trading places as 7 year old twins seems like a fun thing to do but what if the less dominant twin refuses to trade back?
Set in two time zones we are taken on the horrendous journey of Helen (who has become Ellie) and her descent into destruction and her life with mental ill health – this is a story that is sad on so many levels as we see the impact of mental ill health running through a family and the impact that a lack of a strong support network can have and the ripple effect throughout the years and across family.
It was hard going reading Ellie’s story interspersed with the voices torturing her – Mother is a horrible woman but it becomes clear that she also suffered trauma as a child and had her own mental health problems which she refused to seek help for.
By the end of the book I felt for all the characters and their desolation. This is not an easy read but it is certainly one that I would recommend especially for those with an interest in mental health and the impact of family dynamics.
Thank you to Netgalley for ARC in return for an honest review

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