Sewing the Shadows Together – Alison Baillie

Alison Baillie brought together the emotions of all those involved in the murder of Shona McIvor over 30 years ago in Portabello, Scotland. Shona’s brother Tom is back in the area to scatter his mothers ashes at the same time it is announced that the man convicted of Shona’s murder is being freed following a review of the case which proves it could not be him who was the murderer.
Dark and dysfunctional family backgrounds are revealed throughout the plot and Alison Baillie brought the emotions of each of the characters as the shadow of suspicion touches them all.
A great debut, super plot and loved the setting of Portabello (even though I’m a Weedgie 😂)
Would recommend to those interested in thrillers with strong family dynamics and an undercurrent of suspicion bubbling away


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