Shtum – a rollercoaster of emotions

Shtum grabs you by the throat, makes you laugh, cry and want to curl up and howl all at the same time!It is emotional and painful to read but I’d urge you not to miss it.
Ben and Emma Jewell are at the end of their tether caring for their son Jonah; he has sever autism and complex needs; Jonah is due to transition to high school and Ben and Emma believe the school identified by the local authority will not meet his needs; the school they have chosen instead comes with a price tag of more than double the cost of the one identified by the local authority. Emma convinces Ben that a “fake” separation will help their appeal to get Jonah into the school of their choice and so Ben and Jonah go and live with his dad.
This book takes you through the emotional rollercoaster that is caring for a child with such complex needs, the depth of a parent’s love to the guilt of wishing he had never been born. The financial impact of the legal support required for the appeal and the hidden story of the family background are all covered in this book.
This is a story of family dynamics and history, we are taken on the dark journey of the relationship between Ben and his father, the love his father has for Jonah and the family history that Ben never knew of – all carefully uncovered and unpicked throughout the book.
When Ben gives his “being Jonah” speech at the appeal, my heart broke, when Ben’s own troubled background and his family history was uncovered I sobbed.
This is going to be a huge hit on it’s release in 2016 and I’d like to thank Netgally and Orion Publishers for my ARC in return for an honest review.25369192


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