For Reasons Unknown _ Michael Wood

All I can say is when is the next one!

Well think I have just found myself a new series!  A number of online recommendations drew this book to me and boy am I glad I took the advice of others!

Returning to work after a number of personal issues and a case that went wrong DCI Matilda Darke is unsure if she has made the tight decision. There are plenty of hints as to what went on in the past but just enough to entice the reader into wanting to find out more (which I hope we will do in forthcoming books)

Acting DCI Ben Hales is furious at her return and the tension between them is felt keenly by the reader.

Matilda is given a 20 year old cold case to work on to ease her back in – but things move along quickly and soon a number of links are made between that and other incidents that have taken place.

Fast paced and breathtakingly this book keeps you guessing all the way to the end.  Characters are well drawn and you are left anxious for the next instalment to see how they develop further.

I am so glad that one took the recommendations of others and downloaded this book – I urge you to do the same.

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