Bloodstream – Luca Veste

The 3rd in the popular Murphy and Rossi series, set in Liverpool, sees the 2 detectives hunting down a serial killer who is determined to punish couples for lying and deceiving each other. It is dark, fast paced and breathtaking!

Murphy and Rossi work well together as a team and I feel that with every book in the series their relationship develops just a little more and we get to know more about them. Murphy has many of his own demons to battle i this book and the previous two books but I don’t feel this takes over the main plot but serves to remind us why he may act in the ways that he does. His reconciliation with his wife Sara, comes under jeopardy in Bloodstream and I am interested to see how this develops further along with his friendship with Jess (solicitor) who struggles to forgive him for not protecting her son – there are many unresolved issues in these relationships and hopefully they will develop throughout the series.

Rossi also comes into her own more in Bloodstream and we see her beginning a new relationship which could be endangering her life – I’m glad we are seeing more of her character now and I would like to see her come out more as the series progresses.

Once again Luca does not let his readers down – a strong 4 stars for Bloodstream


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