The Wronged Sons – John Marrs

OMG what a book! Seriously it rattled me every way possible! Couldn’t give it any less than 5 stars!

25 years ago, Simon walks out of his house and out of his family’s life forever – his wife Catherine and her young children are devastated – then 25 years later he walks back in – ready to tell his story.

Wronged Sons is told from 2 periods in time – the present when Simon reappears and the past when he disappeared – while this seems a little confusing to start with it soon clicks into place.

Throughout the book as they both tell their side of the story we are aware that there is something huge missing and nothing will ever make sense until it is revealed; we catch a glimpse of past lives and the impact that the actions of others can have on individuals. It is a real tale of relationship breakdowns, miscommunication and lies designed to protect others. I felt angry at Simon as I read and pain for his children left behind but each revelation left me reeling and by the end I felt emotionally exhausted.

Not the fastest paced book but a compelling read which will leave you reeling!



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