The Cabinetmaker – Alan Jones

John McDaid is starting out in CID when he becomes involved in the investigation into Francis Hare’s son, Patrick. disillusioned and disappointed in the lax attitude shown by his superiors, John becomes friendly with Francis and his wife.  over the years their friendship develops and John is soon spending much of his time learning the skills of cabinet making under the watchful eye of Francis while at the same time keeping an eye on those who had walked free for the murder of Patrick.

This isn’t a traditional tale of police procedural and crime but more focus is given to the relationship that built up between the two men and a quest for justice when our system lets us down. I thought this was a deeply thought provoking story, I warmed to all the main characters and completely understood their reasons for doing what they did.

As the main part of the story starts off in 1970s Glasgow be prepared for strong and gritty language and some very non pc methods to policing – but this is what makes the story real and plausible because we know that this was the,way things were then.

I really enjoyed The Cabinetmaker – completely different from Alan’s next book Blue Wicked but one I’d highly recommend

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