Open Wounds – Douglas Skelton – 5 massive stars!!

DSI read Open Wounds with a heavy heart as I know that it’s the last in the Davie McCall series. But what a finale of a book! Once again I found myself dragged into the streets of Glasgow, through the familiar East End and the well kent faces of Davie McCall’s associates in “The Life”. Davie wants out of The Life, he’s afraid that the Dark will take over him completely and he will have nowhere else to go but is it as easy as just upping sticks and leaving? The “dark Knight” is still out there and it seems there’s one more job to be done as Davie and Private Investigator, Donovan look to find out the truth behind the imprisonment of O’Neill for a crime he denied all involvement with – out on appeal O’Neill is visited by Davie and one of Big Rab McLymonts associates to warn him off his quest to clear his name – but Davie has another agenda… A massive five stars for Open Wounds – Douglas Skelton has a canny knack of taking the reader on a journey that embroiled them into the “Life” but also transports them right onto the streets of Glasgow – through the tenement buildings, up the dark closes and places you’d never want to go – reading his books makes me live, breathe and experience the world of Davie McCall. So sad the series has come to an end but what a series it is! Highly recommend this books to all. Crime fiction lovers and a huge thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.


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