Aye Write, aye I loved it!

A wee gem of a book festival held annually in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. This is only my second time attending and next year I’m definitely going to book tickets for more events! It’s a great venue, big enough to accommodate but intimate enough to allow book obsessives like me to get to meet their favourite authors!

I attended the Great Glasgow Crime Panel, chaired by Douglas Skelton and including Craig Robertson, Anna Smith and Anne Randall. Great insight from authors into what makes Glasgow so rich and accommodating when it comes to setting crime novels here. Sneaked in a wee signing from the wonderful Douglas Skelton and was delighted that Craig Robertson signed my book to “Sharon the Stalker”!

Caught up with the fabulous Michael J Malone who kindly introduced me to Ben McPherson, author of Line of Blood (brilliant book even though I hated the characters!) and Mark Leggatt (whom I haven’t read yet but I’m about to remedy that pretty soon!)

Then a blether with Alan Jones (Blue Wicked, The Cabinetmaker and the forthcoming Bloq).

What a brilliant Sunday – wish every Sunday was that buzzin!aye write 1aye write 2aye write 3aye write 4


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