Names of the Dead – Mark Leggatt 4 stars

Buckle up and prepare for a hell of a ride! Connor Montrose is on the run as he is being framed by CIA and Interpol but they are not the only ones out to get him.

I originally wasn’t sure that this book would be for me as I thought it might just be a bit too “James Bond” for my liking but how wrong was I – a frantic page turner that I read in less than 24 hours. Fast paced narrative, twists and turns that drag you screaming through the streets of Rome, Paris and beyond and at times I actually felt as though I was by his side such was the attention to detail.

Well written characters -some of whom I was glad to see “disposed” of, complex, but not c
onfusing, plot which engages the readers brain, an intriguing back story which ensures you want to find out more about Connor Montrose!


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