What a book week!

I’ve had a fab book week folks! In fact I’ve had a fab book year so far – really going to struggle to come up with my 2016 Top 10 – may need to do a top 20 at this rate!

This week saw the launch of the brilliant Michael J Malone’s Bad Samaritan and I was lucky enough to attend the launch in Glasgow earlier this week – and for him to publicly out me as his stalker πŸ˜‚ I’m starting this book today and I cannae wait!! Caught up with the amazing Douglas Skelton – though once again he managed to miss my camera and my bending of his ear – don’t worry Douglas I intend to remedy that on the 8th of April! Met the enigmatic Alan Jones once again who gifted me with a signed copy of the bloggers edition of Bloq – can’t wait for my turn on the Blog Tour next week for this! Also met the lovely Theresa Talbot but Waterstones had sold out of her book so I couldn’t stalk her for a signed copy! A wee mini meet of #TBConFB members too – was lovely to catch up with everyone! 

Also just finished the roller coaster of a read Mark Leggatt “Names of the Dead” – bloody hell – what a read that was! Led to him and Michael J Malone referring to myself and my #twinnie aka Noelle aka CrimeBookJunkie as akin to “Thelma and Louise on acid” – we are well chuffed with that description πŸ˜‚

Happy Easter Sunday to you all – may it be filled with chocolate and books! 


2 thoughts on “What a book week!

  1. Awww #Twinnie…thanks for the mention!
    And I love being referred to as #ThelmaAndLouiseOnAcid
    We rock that role! 😘


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