Bad Samaritan – Michael J Malone – 5+ stars!!!

Only a 5 star option – this one was off the scale for me – Michael J Malone you have blown me away with Bad Samaritan! I have eagerly awaited the return of DI McBain – think he ranks up there in my top Glasgow detective list and his return did not disappoint at all! We also have bad boy Kenny O’Neill as his underworld sidekick – what a pair they make!! 

McBain is investigating the death of a young Glasgow student which leads to a trail of murder and devastation. Tangled up in this is the return of Stigmata – the serial killer who has McBain in his sights – there was never a chance that this book wasn’t going to be fantastic! Murder, fear, twists and turns take you on a roller coaster of a ride! 

McBain is a completely believable character, he’s an emotional wreck at times but has an inner strength that compels him to carry on, his dry but gritty Glasgow gallows humour lends itself well to the series. The Glasgow setting is perfect for McBain and I can imagine him as a real Glasgow cop! I want to say so much about this book but don’t want to give anything away – so if you haven’t read it or any of the McBain series – what are you waiting for!

Way more than 5 stars from me!

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