Why do I blog?

book hugI’ve been an obsessive reader ever since I can remember – but I was always a “behind the scenes” reader and other than verbally recommend books to others I didn’t do much about shouting about them elsewhere.

With the advent of social media and a much more visible presence and opportunity for interaction with authors (as well as joining and becoming a part of the admin team on #TBConFB – the BEST facebook book club in the world..ask me if you want details on how to join) I started wanting to let more people know about all the brilliant books out there and all the fantastic authors – and NOT just the best selling authors!

My passion is reading, books and words (ok and stalking authors too :)) They have so much power, they can take you on a journey to places you have never been (and may never want to go!); experience situations and life outside your own little bubble and help you make sense sometimes of what’s in your own little bubble!

But more than that – the writers behind the books who devote so much time, energy and commitment to producing the books that we all read and love; they don’t all have huge marketing budgets or publishers behind them pushing their books and I believe that if their work has given me some pleasure in my life then surely it is not too much to ask for me to promote and review the work that they do…if books are my passion then I want to share that with everyone – I want the world to know how many good books are out there that they might be missing! Without reviewers, bloggers and members of book clubs like #TBC then some really bloody decent authors out there run the risk of getting buried under the thousands of books appearing everyday on Amazon and the likes!

So if you read a book and you like it, tell others…tell your friends, tweet it, facebook it, join The Book Club on Facebook(#TBConFB) and write reviews – they don’t have to be mini novels – just a few words or a few lines – just get out there and tell everyone anyway you can!


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