Black Eyed Susans – Julie Heaberlin

Black Eyed Susans is the story of Tessa, found dumped in a grave with other bodies over 20 years ago and the battle to save the man facing execution for the murders. Tessa was the surviving ‘Susan’ and the book focuses on the then and now.Described as the thriller of the year I was intrigued when I was offered a review copy from TBC. Having just finished it, my mind is not quite made up – it is dark and sinister indeed but it is a slow burner and I didn’t really get the heart pounding I’m looking for when reading a book. Having said that – it is a very well written book, it delves deep into the dynamics of family and friendships and encourages the reader to consider their view on the Death Penalty. 

I swithered between a 3 and 4 star rating but went with the 4 as it is well written but just not as heart pounding as I would like. Thought provoking, plenty of twists throughout and sinister indeed, found the characters all hard to warm to – but that isn’t a bad thing in my eyes. 

I’d recommend it to others but don’t be looking for fast paced and heart pounding 

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