Death Do Us Part – Steven Dunne beyond five stars!

Just when you think an author can’t get any better – they knock you flying! Just put down Death Do Us Part by the fantastic Steven Dunne and five stars just does not do this justice – I’m awarding it 7 stars out of 5!

What an awesome roller coaster of a ride that book was – so many twists and turns that my head was spinning!

The relationship between Brook and Noble strengthens with every book in the series and they compliment each other so well, Brook leads his team and although he’s a “damaged detective” he is a strong and fair character. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve got a bit of a girl crush going on with Brook!

We get to see a bit more of Brook’s daughter, Terri, in this book and she’s a thorny wee character – comes across as really unlikeable but I don’t know – she kind of gets under your skin – looking forward to see how things pan out between her and Brook.

This book had me glued to the pages and unable to put it down, heart pounding moments and laughter too as I love Brook’s social awkwardness and his comebacks to others.

Excellent, solid plot, believable characters and brilliant work from Steven Dunne once again – this author deserves recognition for this series – it’s a travesty that he is not in the best seller list! Cannot recommend highly enough!

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