Stuart MacBride- In The Cold Dark Ground 

McCrae and Steele – a formidable pair indeed! I love the Logan McCrae series and the two main characters in it – love the Scottish banter and dark gallows humour that Stuart MacBride brings to his books.Once again it’s a fast paced and gritty novel. There’s violence, corruption and some twists along the way! 

While I do think some of the plot is exaggerated in terms of police procedures, I’m cynical enough to believe that not all in our institutions are Lilly white and this is a work of fiction – not fact – so I’d not agree with the reviews that slate the book for this.

There is a lot of information in the book so I’d recommend that you read the series in order if you don’t want to be too confused – but that’s no hardship as its a brilliant series!

If you like your characters rough and ready, a grim and gritty storyline and a lot of wit thrown in then this ones for you! North East dialect may confuse some readers so my only suggestion would be to have a glossary at the back (but in context of the book you can work it out and there’s not that much that you couldn’t understand what you are reading)

Strong 4 stars from me!

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