The Optician’s Wife – Betsy Reavley -5 stars

Thanks to TBC and the author for the ARC in return for an impartial review
This book is one of the most chillingly dark and disturbing I have read for a while! Debs, 17, is an introverted doormat for her father and sister when she meets Larry, 6 years her senior. Larry is a trainee optician and he sweeps her off her feet.

That makes it sound like it’s going to be a boy meets girl kinda love story – well it’s not! Nowhere like it! The Optician’s Wife is a dark tale of murder, deceit and “dirty little secrets” The main characters, Debs and Larry make my skin crawl – and I think this was what the author intended – truly unlikeable and even though Debs was clearly painted as a victim there is something about her that makes the reader recoil from her.

It’s a chilling tale but also so ordinary – you could actually imagine this happening on your own street – what goes on behind closed doors nobody knows! I couldn’t put this book down and at same time wanted to read it with my hands in front of my eyes.

It has chilled me to the bone and my skin is still crawling thinking about it!

Dark domestic psychological thriller that worms it’s way into your very being! Loved it!

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