My #BookBucketList


Sitting here wishing I could win the lottery and open up my own wee bookshop…a girl can but dream! It got me thinking about bucket lists and thought I would create my own #BookBucketList (not just about the books I want to read though!)


#1 Own my own bookshop – I even have a name for it (but I’m not telling!) and have the interior designed, the events planned and what it will achieve – now all I need is the money 🙂

#2 Be a Bookseller for a day (in the absence of the above!) For a while I bombarded bookstores with tweets begging them to allow me to work FREE OF CHARGE for just one day – just for the buzz! So if anyone can get me a wee day in a book shop then I’ll love you forever!

#3 Visit all the book shops on this list (and so many more!) (I am visiting Barter Books in August though!)

#4 Have my own library in my house, not just some random shelves – but a whole room devoted to my books and comfy reading spots!

#5 Do one of the Dublin literary tours (one of the ones involving a pub crawl!)

#6 Attend #TBConFB Birthday party and meet the rest of our crazy admin team!

#7 Attend every Crimebook festival in the UK (This year I’m going to Harrogate and Bloody Scotland)

#8 Have my picture taken with Lin Anderson and Val McDermid – Queens of Scottish fiction!

#9 A night out with my favourite Scottish crime writers – you all know who you are guys!

#10 Meet up with the crazy #BlogSquad especially my #Twinnie #CrimeBookJunkie


It’s not much to ask is it! 

6 thoughts on “My #BookBucketList

  1. I have done a few of those things, I founded and stocked and ran a charity bookshop for nearly 2 yrs for Rotary club and made a profit, until premises were sold.
    I have been to Harrogate Crime Festival last 5 yrs.
    Been to Barter books more than once and Hayes book wk.
    Enjoyed them all . I now auction online signed books for my family founded charity Bloodwise .(formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma research ) and have made £3,000 in last 5 months.
    So any authors who would like to send me signed book please get in touch.

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