Torment – David Evans 3.5 stars 

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for an ARC of Torment in return for an honest review.

Torment is the 2nd in the DCI Colin Strong series, the first being Trophies (which I have not read).


A message left in error on a young woman’s answerphone sets off a chain of events unearthing a catalogue of dark and murky events: 3 missing women, stolen luxury cars and the mystery of 2 children missing since the 1980s. Torment brings Colin Strong and journalist Bob Soutar together as the race to solve the crimes is on.

I enjoyed the relationship between Strong and Soutar and thought that David Evans worked the characters well together, they complimented each other leading to a number of twists and turns in the tale as the plot develops. Both characters have their own ways of working but despite differences they combine to make a great team.

Chapters are short and punchy each one with a bit of a cliffhanger ending that entices the reader to want more.

I did struggle a bit with some of the procedural elements of the book, some areas were glossed over & I would have liked a little more depth and some I’m sure would actually never happen (but hey it’s fiction!)

Not having read the first book I felt a little disadvantaged in terms of nuances around relationships between characters but I’d say this book could still be read as a standalone

For me this book rates at a 3.5 and I’m interested in looking at the authors other work 

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