Welcome to Wherever You Are – John Marrs -5 stars

The story of eight travellers who have all ended up in a back packing hostel for their own unique reasons, Welcome to Wherever You Are is a poignant and thought provoking read which will draw you in.
Throughout the book we are taken on each character’s journey to the hostel, the stories are moving, sad, they provoke anger and irritation but all the while finding their way under your skin. What a skilful storyteller John Marrs is – in one chapter you despise a character and by the next you are in tears for them or you go from loving them to hating them.

I absolutely loved this book and how each character’s story intertwines as the book progresses and the connections and disconnections spring to life for the reader.

This book will draw you in, fantastic character development and plotting throughout the book, characters that step off the page and into your head – John Marrs is up there as a fabulous storyteller and I’d highly recommend this book to all

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