I See You – Clare MacKintosh – 5 stars

I have literally just finished reading I See You and my heart is pounding! 
“When Zoe Walker sees her photo in the classifieds section of a London newspaper she is determined to find out why it is there…” I See You is a precautionary tale of stalking with a cyber twist – random women appear to have been targeted – someone is watching every move that they make and their details are all uploaded onto a website – the men who opt to stalk them – is their motive a twisted stab at online blind dating or something more sinister?

This book chilled me to the core – it’s not a fast paced thriller type of book but the slow pace gives the reader a real sense of being caught up in the cat and mouse game being played across the streets of London – it makes you think of your own daily routines – carried out to make your everyday life that little bit easier but could they actually be putting you in danger..?

I liked the ordinariness of the characters, Zoe is just an everyday woman juggling work with 2 grown up kids who are slightly resentful of the man who replaced their dad when Zoe walked out on him years ago, the ordinary and everyday family struggles are what makes this book so real and even more chilling – how many Zoe Walkers are there up and down the streets of Britain – how many women are out there with their every movement being watched and being completely unaware of it! 

It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – I felt as though I was being watched and this book absorbed me from the start to the end!

A strong five star read from me – well worth buying!


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