#MemorableMonday #fortheloveofbooks

memorable monday

Well Monday just went and sneaked up on us all again! Back to the grindstone and wishing working life was #allaboutthebooks! Started the day feeling a bit like a fool to be honest but you know what I found my #happy and nobody is going to take it away from me now!

So welcome to #MemorableMonday let’s see who is always on my mind!


#hyperventilating for the release of the above books (Well Neil’s is out today on kindle but I’m holding off for the paperback so that I can get a wee signature in his very best writing – hey I can do delayed gratification you know!) And they will all be at Bloody Scotland in September this year for me to stalk! I’d so recommend that you all look out for these books appearing (and infact I’d just recommend that while you wait you just go and buy all their other books because they are hot hot hot!)

Really hard to whittle my choices of the books that I have already read down to just a few for #MemorableMonday but I am going to give it a go:

See I’ve managed to extend beyond the Scottish border for this one! But it would be impossible to have a #MemorableMonday without mentioning :

  1. Douglas Skelton and the fact that he made me greet with #OpenWounds a well deserved shortlisted entry for Bloody Scotland’s McIlvanney prize this year!
  2. The fabulous award winning Steven Dunne who as well as writing bloody amazing books made my whole year when he came and introduced himself to me at Harrogate this year – and he is honestly the loveliest man you could meet.
  3. Graham Smith – a gentleman and a scholar indeed and I’m ever indebted to my #Twinnie (Noelle of #Crimebookjunkie for encouraging me to bump this up my TBR pile this year!) I am so #TeamEvans all the way!
  4. Tuesday Falling – what can I say – my 80s lyric buddy on a Tuesday and probably one of my favourite #antiheroes of the year – it’s only monday but it’s always #bringbacktuesday for me
  5. Deborah O’Connor for crawling under my skin with My Husband’s Son and staying there! Seriously what a book!

Obviously there are so many more of your books out there that stay in my mind but I’d just be reposting my whole blog page to include them all 😉

Hope you are all having a #MemorableMonday wherever you are!


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