Unquiet Souls – Liz Mistry -4 stars

Thanks to Bloodhound Books for an ARC of Unquiet Souls in return for an honest review.The topic of this book is way beyond the comfort zone of most of us (thankfully) – paedophile rings and people trafficking are difficult to read about and to write about, however Liz Mistry has managed to do this and draw the reader right into the midst of the story.

I could feel my heart racing and my muscles tensing as I read, I could feel the frustrations of DI Gus McGuire’s team as they battled to find the link between a dead prostitute and the trafficked children found in her loft – the tension in the pages was palpable.

I really warmed to Gus and his team, they gelled well together and brought the reader into the heart of their investigation. I love Gus’ character, recently signed back to work following an incident the year before, his wife has upped and left him, he feels he has a lot to prove on his return with the physical and mental scars still impacting on his life. I’m looking forward to see how his character develops as the series progresses.

The plot line was strong and the key characters leave you wanting to find out more about them which is a great skill for a writer. I struggled a little at the beginning with the different timespans in the story and felt a little like I was missing some sort of back story to the team and the plot – however this was not a major issue and as I read on it all became clearer to me.

I am really looking forward to reading more from this author and in this series.

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