All Fall Down – Tom Bale 5 stars!!!

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookoture for an ARC of All Fall Down by the brilliant Tom Bale!Wow what can I say – this book will have you on the edge and you are not going to ever want to open your door again!
The Turner family and their older children are having a chilled out Sunday afternoon BBQ when a near corpse of a man comes flying into their garden gate – he is obviously badly hurt and when he utters the words ‘Help Me’ Tom and Wendy bring him in…little knowing what their action will cost them and their family!

This book got off to a slower start than See How They Run but when you start to get into it you understand why – it’s the slow build up to a psychological terror that will freak your mind right out! My heart was fit to burst it pounded that hard, the fear of the family was palpable and you had no idea where it was coming from!

I really disliked Tom – I wanted to shake him at times and Wendy wasn’t much better – but that’s the strength of a good writer – creating characters whom we know we should feel for but we still dislike! His lies and deceit made me want to reach into the pages and throttle him at times while I wanted Wendy to “man up” and act on the “announcement” she had to make and to stop pussyfooting around the issue! Georgie, their adopted daughter was a strong character and I loved her role within the book, she shone!

The bad guys – well possible the sickest bad guys I’ve read in a long time – seriously Tom Bale what on earth was going through your mind writing those characters – they scared the living day lights out of me!

Read this book with your lights on, your doors locked and be wary of your next Sunday afternoon BBQ – don’t open the gate to anyone! It’s a 5 star read!

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