Witness The Dead – Craig Robertson – 5 stars

Well I just finished Witness The Dead and it has got to stand out easily as my favourite in the Tony Winters series so far!
Glasgow always does make a perfect backdrop for murder in crime fiction but Craig Robertson manages to bring my city’s streets alive! I swear you feel as though you are walking through Glasgow as you read! I can see the buildings and streets he mentions, hear the voices of the characters and smell the life and the death that makes Glasgow and this book so damn awesome!
Tony Winters is a complex character and this doesn’t change as the series develops – even as we get to know more about him his complexity remains. His relationship with Rachel Narey is on hold as she comes to terms with her father’s condition; his friendship with Addison is put to the test as his uncle Danny asks him to help build the connection between a current series of murders and those that took place in the early 70s – with the man convicted of those murders being behind bars…
I thought this book ticked every box for me; fast paced, enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, brilliant character development, tense plot and superb backdrop of Glasgow – and of course a read sense of the famous Glasgow Gallows humour! I loved the flashbacks to the 70s (God fashion was hideous then) and although I wasn’t old enough to be going “up the dancing” in 1972 I still managed to get a great sense of place.
I’d highly recommend this book – gritty Glasgow crime and fast paced throughout!

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