#ThrowbackThursday – the awesome Steven Dunne!

For #ThrowbackThursday I’m going to have a wee focus on one of my all time authors (and this one isn’t one of my Scottish Authors!) It is the awesome Mr Steven Dunne, one of the most talented crime fiction writers in the UK! I think it is a travesty that his work isn’t more widely promoted and I am vexed at the number of readers out there who are missing out on his work! I have devoured all of his books and recommend them to anyone and everyone…and it is my mission to get this brilliant author across the border and up into my wonderful home of Glasgow! Not only is Steven  beyond a 5 star author – he is also beyond a 5 star gentleman and huge thanks to him seeking me out at Harrogate where I finally got to meet him – my jaw has just about lifted itself off the floor now! So if you are looking for a series to get your teeth into, to perplex, thrill and amaze you then look no further than this one!

Here are my reviews so far (some from the days before I blogged so forgive their brevity!)

The Reaper – 5 Stars

” I struggled to put this book down. Damon Brook is not just your everyday damaged detective…he is in a class of his own. We are drawn into his character with a plot that focuses not only on the present but also Brook’s life before he moved to Derbyshire. Steven Dunne has given us an excellent dark and twisted start to what is a gripping series. If you haven’t already read it then why not!!”

The Disciple – 5 Stars

“Thankfully Steven Dunne had already written 4 books by the time I discovered him! Following on from the Reaper, the Disciple takes us to Brighton and America and over two time periods.
Again we have the enigmatic DI Brook (the loose cannon I’d love to meet) breaking all the rules and finding himself under suspicion of murder. if you like your novels dark and twisted and your detectives damaged and dangerous then this one is for you!”

Deity – 5 Stars

“Once again not disappointed by Steven Dunne or indeed Damen Brook; as we move away from the Reaper, Brook does not lose his intensity in investigations; he gets into the very mind and indeed the soul of those he seeks to serve justice on; you cannot help but wonder how much Brook wants to serve his own justice?

In this novel he has taken the advice of Noble and tried to become a little more self aware and to take a more “human” approach to those he comes across, but the reader can get the sense of what lies beneath.

Would strongly recommend all of Steven’s books; this one is a fierce psychological thriller which grabs you from the start; someone is playing God with the lives of local students meanwhile there has been a number of local homeless people found dead – and the method of death is one most gruesome!

Read this book – indeed read them all please – fantastic author – am off to read Unquiet Grave and hope you are getting the next book ready for me Mr Dunne!”

The Unquiet Grave – 5 stars

“Thrilling, awesome,suspension, claustrophobic terror, twists, turns and a glimpse into the darkness of a damaged detective! I don’t like reviews where the story is told and the characters explained (that’s what the blurb on the book jacket is for ;-)) But please take my word for it – read this book – if you have never read any of Steven’s books before then you will be blown away – if you have and this is the final one ready to read then you will take your time savouring every minute of it!
The Unquiet Grave gives us Brook back on duty but down in the bowels of the policing world – every time you meet Brook you see a little more into his being and the person he is – he is damaged and jaded but continues to pursue the monsters with a passion – sometimes you wonder what drives him – the monster inside him?
You’d be crazy to miss this one!!”

A Killing Moon – 5 stars

“A young Irish student, Caitlin Kinnear goes missing on her way home from a night out. With no clue as to her whereabouts and doubt over whether or not a crime has even been committed DI Damen Brook finds himself under pressure from superintendent Charlton to turn his hand to some scrap metal theft investigation…if you know Brook then you know that’s just not his thing!
He is determined to pursue all potential leads on the missing girl and he soon finds a connection with other young migrant women. Soon we are drawn into a shady world of Polish “businessmen” and extreme Pro Life protesters.
Brook and his DS Noble work well together…socially awkward Brook relying on Noble to pave the way in social niceties. Brook can be an enigma to many but he is a thorough and decent detective who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers in his quest for justice.
There is however a darker side to Brook alluded to in each of Steven Dunne’s books and a little more is uncovered each time.
Gritty and dark..it kept me guessing all the way to the end. Terrifying twists and turns made it impossible to put the book down…a rollercoaster of emotions but at the end left me wanting more. I cannot think of any negatives other than I didn’t want it to end!
Over the five of Steven’s books Brook’s character is slowly uncovered but enough of a mystery to leave you wanting even more. Although part of a series it can be read alone but I would recommend that you read the other 4 too.
I only wish I could award more than five stars! Bloody brilliant!!”


Death Do Us Part – 5 stars

“Just when you think an author can’t get any better – they knock you flying! Just put down Death Do Us Part by the fantastic Steven Dunne and five stars just does not do this justice – I’m awarding it 7 stars out of 5!
What an awesome roller coaster of a ride that book was – so many twists and turns that my head was spinning!
The relationship between Brook and Noble strengthens with every book in the series and they compliment each other so well, Brook leads his team and although he’s a “damaged detective” he is a strong and fair character. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve got a bit of a girl crush going on with Brook!
We get to see a bit more of Brook’s daughter, Terri, in this book and she’s a thorny wee character – comes across as really unlikeable but I don’t know – she kind of gets under your skin – looking forward to see how things pan out between her and Brook.
This book had me glued to the pages and unable to put it down, heart pounding moments and laughter too as I love Brook’s social awkwardness and his comebacks to others.
Excellent, solid plot, believable characters and brilliant work from Steven Dunne once again – this author deserves recognition for this series – it’s a travesty that he is not in the best seller list! Cannot recommend highly enough!”

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