The Forgotten Woman, Angela Marsons – 5 stars 

This is the 2nd non crime book I’ve read by Angela Marsons and as a crime fiction obsessive I just want to say wow wow wow! What an emotional read as was Dear Mother.The Forgotten Woman focuses on the story of Fran and Kit, two women who meet by chance at an AA meeting – 2 very different woman whose stories, past and present, are told throughout the book. 

Reading this book had me in tears, in fits of laughter and feeling angry all at the same time, despite very different upbringings both women have tragic back stories and you cannot fail to be moved by them.

Having only ever read Angela’s crime fiction before I was unsure whether or not I’d enjoy these 2 – far from my normal genre, but this just highlighted the talent that Angela has – she has the ability to put you through the wringer as your emotions are pulled all over the place, her character development is second to none – I felt as though I knew both women and that I was with them throughout the book – an invisible bystander in amongst the pages! This is a well deserved 5 star read!


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