Hide and Seek, MJ Arlidge – 4 stars

The 6th book in the Helen Grace series and boy what a page turner! You really need to have read all the books in the series to appreciate the novel.
Following on from Little Boy Blue, Helen finds herself incarcerated in Holloway, on remand for murders she did not commit – a DI’s lot is not a happy lot within a prison and Helen finds herself targeted by the women around her. At the same time things are turning nasty within the prison other prisoners are being brutally murdered and Helen’s instinct is to investigate.
This was a fast paced read with great characters and some brutal occurrences taking place; you could almost feel yourself incarcerated within the prison walls as you read; I love Helen Grace and her team on the outside and I loved this book, however I just felt it didn’t quite reach the 5 star mark of Little Boy Blue, it felt just a little rushed at the end for me and for that reason I gave it 4 stars.
However despite that I enjoyed reading it. As usual the characters were strong and evoked feelings of support, hate and suspicion – lots of twists and turns and I enjoyed the fact that Helen was “flying solo” in this one without the support of her team. I felt aggrieved for her injustice at being locked up in prison and was rooting for Charlie Brooks who was fighting her corner on the outside.
The description of life within prison was harrowing and very realistic, I could almost smell and taste the fear from the pages.
Highly recommend this book (but please read the first 5 in the series before reading this!)
Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin UK for an ARC in return for an honest review

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