Bloody Scotland weekend



Well that was the weekend that all Scottish Crime fans look forward to every year and I was absolutely buzzing the whole week about it! Over the weekend I volunteered at a couple of the panels, done some promotional work with Alan Jones and appeared on a live link from the event with Alison Taylor Baillie – how did I even agree to that! Plus a great opportunity to stalk – oh you know I mean support – some of my favourite writers out there! And of course catch up with other members of #TBConFB and my #Twinnie aka #CrimeBookJunkie!


For me the weekend kicked off on Thursday night in Waterstones Argyle Street, Glasgow,  with the bloody hilarious launch of Douglas Skelton’s The Dead Don’t Boogie – hosted by Caro Ramsay – seriously this was possibly the funniest launch I have attended – comedy genius that pair were! Caro’s one liners and comebacks were the stuff of legend and Douglas’ reactions were hysterical – even the heckling was brilliant!

Friday night:

Friday night was my “good girl” night! Sensible head on as I volunteered at the Caro Ramsay/Stuart MacBride and Christopher Brookmyre/Mark Billingham panels! How lucky was I – 2 great panels to be at!

Caro and Stuart gave the lowdown on one star reviews and strange goings on in the mortuary. Caro also had the “Racquet of Reason” with her – ask her the next time you see her! It does seem to keep the men in line mind! My #fangirl moment came when Caro gave me a wee shout out when I was on the roving mike! OMG how wasted was I!


Finally got to meet fellow blogger Gordon Mcghie from #Grabthisbook – lovely guy! And a brief hello to my #Twinnie Noelle aka #CrimeBookJunkie


Chris and Mark – omfg hilarious! Seriously brilliantly offensively funny! Loved the one star review read outs! And Lin Anderson said hello and spoke to me! Complete and utter fan girl moment!


As I was volunteering perhaps wasn’t most appropriate to be taking selfies all over the place! That’s tomorrow’s task!


Well this was my day to play! Early kick off to get through to Stirling to help Alan Jones with his pop up launch of Bloq – #Twinnie and I had a blast being Alan’s “Bloquette” barmaids (we drew the line at the pole dancing requests – way too early for the Stirling punters I think!) for a couple of hours (actually I don’t think we done that much hard work but we had a ball and what a huge success the pop up event was – lots of folk stopping by for their mocktails and a copy of Bloq – which by the way if you haven’t read it – what are you waiting for it is bloody awesome! #BloodyScotland2016 was where Alan finally outed himself and finally I was allowed to get some pictures of the enigmatic, handsome, youthful man himself ( he told me to say that!!)

Noelle and I then headed off to see Theresa Talbot host “Scotland The Grave” with Douglas Skelton (Glasgow) , Gillian Galbraith(Edinburgh), Russell D McLean (Dundee)  and Catriona McPherson(Galloway)  all battle it out for the best location in Scotland for crime fiction – I’m not biased but I reckon Douglas did a grand job of “stickin the heid in” for Glasgow! scotland-the-grave

Then it was a quick dash to The Crossed Peels for some refreshments! We were going to be classy and go for lunch but the sun was shining in Stirling and we needed some liquid refreshment to quench our thirst (promise we did eat at some point – we had chips #Classyburds) Hung out with the awesome Craig Russell and Graham Smith #ScottishAuthorsRock And a huge thanks to Graham Smith for my #IKnowYourSecret notebook – I’ve already starting writing my #KillList in it!


Then it was a quick dash back to The Albert Halls for Michael J Malone’s pop up launch of “A Suitable Lie” and a wee glass of wine to celebrate! I cannot wait to read this and to use my “Interrogation” pen that he gave me! Mark Leggatt regaled us with tails of his wee dug that has his own place at the table #cutedog pics were shown!

Then it was time to head back to The Golden Lion to hang out and #fangirl Bloody hell so many authors – so little time! Actually don’t think I have laughed so much in ages! #ChocolateGinger anyone!!! Alan Jones came out big style getting papped all over the place! Graham Smith proved the Scottish men are the last man standing at the bar and Douglas Skelton and Neil Broadcroft denied all rumours of #BromanceOfTheYear – guys I seen you wander off arm in arm in search of a kebab! #Justsayin

Hooked up with Alison Baillie to do a live podcast – was rather tipsy for the slot but persuaded my #Twinnie Noelle to come and help me out – lots of #gushing and #lovelyness was spouted but what a hoot it was – great fun all round (well for us anyway – not so sure about the viewers!) You can see the video by clicking the link below!

live podacast


Spent an amazing night with some awesome people, the beer was flowing and the banter was excellent! Realised just how alike #Twinnie and I are (seriously who could tell us apart if it wasn’t for the accent!) and not quite sure who was the baddest influence on who!

Headed over for a couple of hours on Sunday – #burstmattress pretty much describes me!



Back at work and on a major comedown now – only one solution book my accommodation for next year – done!

#BloodyScotland has stole my heart – this year was definitely the best one yet – it just gets better and better every year!


To all the organisers, authors, bloggers, readers and #bookgeeks out there – thank you for making my weekend awesome!

#BloodyScotland2017 #Goals – get a press pass, a golden ticket to #CrimeAtTheCoo and even more selfies!

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  1. Oh #Twinnie!! Awesome post – though that pic where you were pushing my head (yes I remember) with Lucy Cameron is dire of me….actually, most were…but I had a blast!! Hopefully we won’t jave to wait until next year to meet up again! X

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