The Nowhere Girl – Ruth Dugdall – 4 stars

I have absolutely loved the Cate Austin series and I really do hope that this isn’t the last!In Nowhere Girl, probation officer, Cate Austin and her daughter have moved to Luxembourg to be with her partner Olivier – a move not all of her colleagues and friends in the UK were supportive of. Olivier is investigating the disappearance of a young girl from a local fair and Cate finds herself caught up in the situation – perhaps she wasn’t as ready to leave her role as she had previously thought?
Ok – brilliant plot that takes us from Luxembourg to Algeria and introduces a real underlying feeling of danger for the main characters we are introduced to at the beginning. 

Bridget, the mother of Ellie who disappears from the fair – I found her to be cold and completely unlikeable and this grows as the book progresses, I really could not bring myself to feel an ounce of sympathy for her at all.

Amina, Jodie, Auntie and Jak – I connected with – despite the role of Aunty and Jak within the book I felt that there was a desperation about them and that they were not entirely bad; Amina was so gentle and kind that my heart broke for her innocence but she was a strong character throughout!

Olivier – eugh! God what a patronising male chauvinist pig – Cate – what the hell are you playing at woman! This relationship really got to me throughout the book – I wanted just to pack up Cate’s bags for her and send her home! I didn’t like his influence on Cate at all but this didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book- it’s a real plus to develop characters who get under your skin one way or another!

This book had kidnap, trafficking, domestic noir and a real dilemma for readers to get to grips with in relation to the underlying reasons for events throughout, highly recommend this book!


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