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A Conspiracy. A cover-up. And a whistle-blower… You think you know who to trust? You’re wrong. Untouchable is a chillingly dark psychological thriller from the No 1 Bestselling Author of Look Behind You.

It’s Maya and Jamie’s anniversary, and she waits with excitement for him to return home for a celebratory dinner. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the police. Jamie has been found hanging in a local wood.

His death is ruled a suicide, but Maya doesn’t believe Jamie would take his own life. Something isn’t right. Someone has broken into her house. Someone is watching her. And someone has gone to great lengths to cover up what Jamie was doing before he died.

Maya’s grief turns to suspicion, and as she begins to investigate the weeks leading up to Jamie’s death, her trail leads her to a place known as “The Big House” and the horrific secrets within. Secrets people will stop at nothing to keep hidden. People linked to the heart of the Establishment who think they’re untouchable.

Now Maya has a dangerous decision to make. How far is she prepared to go to reveal the truth?

My review: 5/5

This book tore my emotions to shreds!

Untouchable moves along with a hard hitting pace that leaves the reader horrified and angry; it is not fast paced nor is it a slow burner – it simply uncovers the brutal reality that vulnerable kids faced at the hands of those who held the power

It is a harrowing, yet compelling story of paedophilia, abuse, murder and cover ups and Maya’s determination to bring Jamie’s abusers to justice.

Jamie’s story is told in part one of the book in alternate chapters to Maya’s following the discovery of his body on their 2 year anniversary; you cannot help feeling your heart wrench as he uncovers the brutality of the care home system for those entrusted to it’s care; he evolves from a vulnerable young boy to a man determined to blow the cover on what happened to him and others yet still haunted by past events.

Maya shows herself to be a determined and strong character, uanble to accept that Jamie would have completed suicide she pulls on her inner strength to uncover the truth behind his death.

Mitchell has his own demons to fight as his son was raped, tortured and murdered and nobody has ever been caught; he is a man on a mission to hunt down and bring paedophiles to justice; there is a simmering anger and brutality in his character underpinned by potential PTSD from his time in the military and he is determined to seek justice.

Paedophilia, abuse, establishment conspiracy theory and cover ups are all the main themes of the book and these are covered both sensitively and graphically at times; some may criticise the author for her graphic representation of events but as a writer to play these down is wrong and continues the cover up – Untouchable may be a work of fiction but it is based on a horrific reality and people need to be aware that this is real, this happened and still happens to this day and if this book encourages more people to speak out, come forward and take action then all the better.

I don’t think this is a book that you can say that you “enjoyed” as the subject matter is harrowing and upsetting but this is certainly a book that will evoke intense emotions as you follow the story of Maya and Jamie. Sadly I was not shocked as this book is inspired by events and cover ups that continue to be reported widely, however, I was moved to tears and driven to anger and a feeling of great shame that this is still happening and that perpetrators still escape justice.

Untouchable is disturbing, it is graphic and upsetting – it will move you to tears and instill a rage in you – yet it is a compelling read and I’d recommend this highly to all fans of psychological thrillers based on real events.

There is no doubt that this is a five star read!

To purchase the book, head on over to Amazon on the link below:

Untouchable by Sibel Hodge


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