Mel Sherratt – Somewhere to Hide




With the death of her husband and a tragic secret she is desperate to bury, Cath Mason opens her home to young women who need a roof over their head and a sympathetic ear. From victims of domestic violence to drug addicts, no woman is beyond Cath’s helping hand. The only problem? She lives on the notorious Mitchell Estate, where temptation and trouble lurk on every corner.

When malicious notes are posted through her door, precious things go missing and a homeless teenager is found murdered, Cath reckons it’s just part of daily life on the estate. But when those she cares about most fall prey to violence, she begins to suspect her past mistakes are catching up with her.

Can Cath finally confront her own troubled history before it engulfs not only her but also the women struggling to rebuild their lives?

SOMEWHERE TO HIDE is the first book in The Estate Series.

My review: 4/5

Well I’ve truly popped my Mel Sherratt cherry this week! This is the 3rd of her books I’ve read in one week! I’ve actually had The Estate series on my kindle TBR folder for ages now so it was time I opened it up!

Number one in the series, Somewhere to Hide, is a packed to the brim with drama and emotions; we have drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and murder all packed into one fast paced emotional read. Yet despite the dark nature of the storylines there is a real traditional feeling of community within the Mitchell Estate; it might be home to some real dodgy characters but it is also home to Cath Mason and a group of strong minded women who are determined to help folk in their community make the most of their lives. But what drives Cath to offer the hand of support to so many vulnerable people, especially when she often gets little thanks for it? Has Cath got a dark secret that is her driving force.

Somewhere to Hide is full of strong, fiesty female characters, it’s a bit like Eastenders in a book really and I could imagine what they all looked like and how they spoke; I also got a real sense of place reading the book, could almost imagine myself in the Estate and reading it made me feel like I was almost watching over the drama playing out in front of me!

I know that The Estate series is an older series and one of the first that Mel wrote but if you have had it sitting on your TBR pile a while then you are not going to be disappointed when you crack it open!

To purchase the book you can click below to go straight to the Amazon link (Books 1-3 in the series are currently sitting at 99p for the 3!)

Mel Sherratt – Somewhere to Hide


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