#TBC #Bloggers”20/20 Event – my Top 20 Crime/Psych Thriller Reads

What a week last week was - as well as being #BookWeekScotland I also participated in #TheBookClubonFacebooks #Bloggers event - where 20 bloggers were asked to share their top 20 reads (of any time span) over a period of 4 days! Wow what a four days that was! Amazon allegedly reported a spate of unusual … Continue reading #TBC #Bloggers”20/20 Event – my Top 20 Crime/Psych Thriller Reads

#BookWeekScotland focus on Neil Broadfoot

  Welcome along to the 2nd last day of #BookWeekScotland! Today I'm uber delighted to welcome the brilliant Neil Broadfoot along to Chapterinmylife. Neil has written a piece for today's blog called "Violent Delights" giving us insight into the "delight" he gets when writing violence into his novels! I feel slightly afraid after reading this … Continue reading #BookWeekScotland focus on Neil Broadfoot