The Crime Factor – Four Men in Search of A Plot – Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow

I was lucky enough to attend this event last night in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street and what a night! Despite the refurb currently taking place in store and the fact that we were sitting underneath the air conditioning the “boy band” of Scottish Crime Fiction soon warmed up the audience!
There was a shift from the traditional author/book event at The Crime Factor ; rather than reading exerpts from their books and the traditional interview style, the audience led the direction of the conversation with invites for questions from the floor from the start! And being in Glasgow, the audience were not shy! The guys covered topics from what exactly they are trying to do to their readers, accuracy of procedure within plots, character development to the merits of substance misuse when writing (don’t worry the boys are all clean living specimens – it looked like tea on the table in front of them!)
It was a great night, lots of participation, laughs and of course plenty of the weegie banter – Neil Broadfoot even complimented Douglas Skelton at one point – but it didn’t last!
Here’s hoping that this happens again! Roll on Crime Factor 2017 – certainly beats the alternative TV X Factor – now THAT is a crime!

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