All the Devils – Neil Broadfoot



Crime journalist Doug McGregor is all bent out of shape – still recovering from a savage encounter with a psychotic killer, he also has dark secrets to hide. But Doug has to put aside his own demons when friend and contact DS Susie Drummond needs his help to investigate the brutal murder of her ex-lover. When a gangland power struggle erupts into violence on the streets of Edinburgh – and much closer to home – Doug and Susie’s already tense relationship is sorely tested. Together they confront a conspiracy that reaches deeper than even a cynical hack like Doug can imagine. As Doug’s about to find out, all the devils are here – and none of them want him to discover the truth.

My review: 5/5

All the Devils is the 3rd in the Doug McGregor series. Doug is a Crime Journalist and he is in a bad way following his clash with a psychotic killer in “Storm” (second book in the series). He is at the end of his tether when he is confronted by a blackmailer in the dead of the night and let’s just say that the blackmailer doesn’t fare too well as a result of Doug’s actions!

This is a relentless fast paced rollercoaster ride of a read…we have the ongoing love triangle simmering between Doug, DS Suzie Drummond and Police Scotland Communication Officer, Rebecca Summers and Doug finds himself keeping dark secrets from both women in an attempt to protect them both….but can he keep them for much longer?

I love the fact that this series main protagonist is a journalist, it is a shift from the traditional police led crime series and it definitely works. Doug McGregor is not in it “just for the story” he is a man determined to dig and leave no stone uncovered no matter the impact that this may have on his personal and professional life; he is a man with values and some might say some questionable morals. However I really warm to Doug, despite the errors he makes in his personal life the reader can connect with him and can see what led him to where he is now. His relationships with Suzie and Rebecca are complex and I am on tenterhooks waiting to see where they go next!

There is institutional corruption and an abundance of bad guys from Edinburgh’s seedy underworld! Doug McGregor is caught right up in the middle of what has got to be one of the darkest stories of his life and it’s all about to come spilling out! The book also references recent changes to policing in Scotland with the new national force, Police Scotland, and references to recent and real criticisms of the force are scattered throughout the book which simply serves to make it all the more believable.

Well once again Neil Broadfoot has managed to just kick the ground from right under my feet with All the Devils! Seriously this book just glued me to my seat in Costa as I could NOT leave until I finished it!

Once again Neil has written a belter of a story! If you haven’t yet read this series then I’d urge you to pick it up now and start with “Falling Fast” – you are not going to be disappointed! Twists and turns all the way and OMG that ending – seriously Neil – what have you done to me! I need the next book and soon – publishers please take note!

All the Devils definitely gets All the Stars!

To purchase All the Devils (and indeed the whole series) then pop yourself on over to Amazon and get clicking!

All the Devils – Neil Broadoot

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