#BookWeekScotland – one week to go!

Image result for excited memeNext Monday sees the start of #BookWeekScotland – a week full of all things #Bookish and #Scottish! How excited am I! Ehhh…very damn excited that’s how excited I am!

To celebrate I am delighted to announce that each day I will be featuring a guest blog from one of my favourite Scottish authors! They will be covering topics such as book festivals, the use of Scottish slang and some will even be bearing their souls and giving away their darkest secrets!

The event here on #Chapterinmylife kicks off next Monday with the amazingly awesome Graham Smith who will be explaining WHY book festivals are such brilliant places to go (and no it’s not just because you get the chance to bump into me and my #Twinnie haha!)

Also joining me next week are the following bloody fantastic authors who gave up their time (and put up with my nagging!) to put together some brilliant pieces for you to read!

  • Graham Smith
  • Alan Jones
  • Michael J Malone
  • Alison Baillie
  • Owen Mullen
  • Douglas Skelton
  • Neil Broadfoot
  • Theresa Talbot
  • Mark Leggarr


So please join my on Monday 21st Nov for a jam packed week full of #allthingsbookish! Don’t miss it – it’s going to be a blast!

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