#NoirAtTheBar Carlisle Nov 2016

Finally I got to attend a #NoirAtTheBar – even though I had to travel all the way to Carlisle to do it! But it was soooooo worth it – not only was I getting to see so many awesome authors – #Twinne (AKA #Crimebookjunkie) and I were getting to meet up again!

I left Glasgow Central on the Thursday afternoon! They even sent along a choir to give me a wee send off!


I have to admit I did shed a wee tear at #Platform1 as I thought of Bill from #Bloq standing waiting for his daughter to get off the train from London. #AlanJones still made me greet even on a happy day!

Then it was time for the off! #Carlisle bound as we headed out of Central and across the Clyde and one of my favourite views of the city (it either means I’m going somewhere or coming home both of which make me happy!


A pretty non eventful train journey and finally I arrived in Carlisle! EEEEEK so excited to catch up with my #Twinnie – it’s been sooooo long since #BloodyScotland. Haha she makes me laugh so much – #TopBlogger #TopMate Everyone found it so hard to tell us apart – bar staff said if it wasn’t for our accents they would have no idea who was who! You can see why below! Anyway quick dash of lippy and it was straight to the bar!

We met up with Graham Smith, Mason Cross and Jay Stringer for a #CheekyWeeNandos before the main event! Like how unbelievably awesome was that – sitting in Nandos on a freezing Thursday night in Carlisle with 3 awesome authors! 2016 has actually seen me #DieAndGoneToHeaven!

Headed off to the #OldFireStation for the main event! Now how awesome is this – standing outside talking to this lovely lady and she asks me my name, I tell her then ask hers….OMFG it is ONLY Sheila Quigley….like seriously hyperventilating by this point! Actually that woman is #Legend – thank you Sheila – my jaws still hurt from laughing! Here am I and #Twinnie with the delightful Sheila – you can see I have taken #BookSniffing one step further and I have started to sniff the authors 😉


The event went in a flash! Brilliant readings hosted by all the authors (sadly Michael J Malone couldn’t make it – you were sadly missed MJM! Next time!) Was lovely to catch up with the delightful Jackie Baldwin – #Twinnie and I spilled a few #BloggerSecrets that she will never reveal and an interesting conversation to my aversion to clocks and watches – which led Jackie to spinning terrifying clock based tales designed to give me nightmares! Thanks Jackie 😉


A few #Selfies were taken without the aid of a #SelfieStick (take note Shell Baker) but do not ask me what we were doing in this picture!


And of course we also got some pics of the authors doing their thing!

And below #AllTheAuthors L-R Mason Cross, Rod Glenn; Jay Stringer, Linda Wright (don’t know the name of the guy behind Linda);Graham Smith;Gordon Brown; Jackie Baldwin; Matt Hilton and Mike Craven.

PS. Thanks to Rod Glenn for the gift of 2 of your books for #Twinnie and I – looking forward to reading them; big thanks to Grahan Smith for a signed copy of IKYS and to Mike Craven for a copy of Born in a Burial Gown!

all the authors.jpg

And then #Twinnie and I headed home and back to the hotel to get cosied up in our PJs with hot chocolate and a good book….or did we….#WhatHappensInCarlisleStaysInCarlisle

Roll on 2017 and more #Bookish events! And who knows #TwinniesOnTour may actually happen one day!!!!

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