A Blogger’s Huge Thanks!

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Well as the end of an #Awesome book year approaches I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has made my #BloggingJourney such a positive experience! Over a year ago I would never have thought that I would have made so many new friends and had the opportunity to read some #FANTASTIC books and meet some of my favourite authors as well as discovering new ones at every turn!

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There are so many highlights from 2016 that it is impossible to mention them all so I will pick out just a few!

  • Through my #LoveofBooks I “met” the #FLAWSOME Noelle AKA #Crimebookjunkie AKA my #Twinnie and not only did I finally get to meet her this year at Harrogate we have had a further two #BookExperiences at Bloody Scotland and Carlisle Noir at the Bar – both involved alcohol, live video links (don’t even ask! Just blame Alison Baillie!) and both cemented the #TwinnieWorldTour goals – where will we end up next?!?
  • Obviously I popped my #HarrogateCherry and what an experience that was – met my fellow #TBConFB #BasementBabes who are all stunning in real life…although #QueenFenton clearly needs some language tuition as she can’t understand my accent – pfft I’m a posh #SAS too 😉
  • EEEEEEEEKKKKKK I met the AMAZING Steven Dunne at Harrogate – finally achieved my #BookGoal – he didn’t even run away haha! Almost got him to Glasgow earlier this year and that remains my goal and we all know #SAS NEVER says NEVER!
  • Outed the mysterious Alan Jones of #Bloq fame at Bloody Scotland and you know what – the poor man has never been the same again! That’s what a night out with the #Twinnies does for you! And he is making a guest appearance at my #realtime book club next year #GluttonforPunishment!
  • Had a whole week of some of my favourite #ScottishAuthors on my blog for #BookWeekScotland  – big love to you guys – you are all stars!
  • To the #BloggingCommunity – seriously how supportive can one group of people be! You are all awesome and have helped me sooooo much over the last year and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you over the next year! #Sarah#Shell#Emmas#Joanne#Kates#Jen#Donna#Gordon#Dave#Claire#Neats#Llainey#Aileen#Kaisha and sooooooo many more!


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There are hundreds more from Douglas Skelton reading out my review at Mason Cross’s Book Launch, to Michael J Malone phoning me at work about his new book…my head spins to think of all the things I’ve been involved in this year!

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I’d also like to say a special thank you to all the authors and publishers who have contacted me with ARCs and #BlogTour opportunities over the past year – you have no idea how appreciative I am of the chance to read advance copies of these books; to the authors who have taken time out to send me emails of thanks and supported my blog I am sending you huge love!

To all the publishers who have plucked my name from so many BRILLIANT bloggers out there – WOW I am truly wasted thinking of how lucky I am!

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I would, however, like to say a very special thank you to Karen Sullivan of #OrendaBooks and all the team at #Bookoture – you guys have got a very special something in your businesses – your personal touch and support of bloggers, reviewers, readers and of course your #AWESOME authors is out of this world! What you have should be bottled up and spread across the publishing world – you have no idea how much my wee heart has been warmed to receive an email, message or post especially for me and not massed produced – You Guys #ROCK!

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                                                                  Here’s to 2017!!!!!!




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