#BlogTour Witness – Caroline Mitchell

I cannot lie, I LOVE everything that Caroline Mitchell has written so far so I was hyperventilating when she asked me to be a part of her #BlogTour for Witness. Not only am I honoured to be sharing the stage with so many awesome bloggers but I also got a preview read of what I have to say is an absolutely awesome read! I read this with my breath held all the way through – I struggled to put it down and I checked my doors and windows were firmly locked before I went to bed!



To Rebecca it was a brave decision that led to her freedom from domestic abuse. To Solomon it was the ultimate betrayal.

It’s been ten years since Rebecca’s testimony saw Solomon locked away. Enough time for the nightmares to recede, the nerves to relax; enough time to rebuild her life and put the past behind her.

Then one day a phone rings in her bedroom—but it’s not her phone. Solomon has been in her home, and has a very simple message for her: for each of the ten years he has spent in jail, Rebecca must witness a crime. And, to make matters worse, she has to choose the victims.

Fail to respond and you get hurt. Talk to police and you die. Ready to play? You have sixty seconds to decide…

As the crimes grow more severe, the victims closer to home, Rebecca is forced to confront a past she had hoped was gone forever.

My review: 5/5

10 years ago Rebecca’s witness testimony put her ex fiance behind bars for murder, now he is out and he wants revenge and he has Rebecca firmly in his sights to play out, what has got to be one of the sickest plot lines I have read this year!

Caroline has a talent for writing characters that are completely believable no matter what macabre games she has them playing and Witness is no exception to this. Rebecca’s real vulnerability shone throughout the book, the story switches from the past when she met Solomon to the present where she is subject to his sick and twisted mind once more. Despite her vulnerability her desire to protect her family is stronger and we happily suspend belief as she undertakes a series of tasks to protect those she loves and cares for. All through the book I was rooting for her, I was shouting out warnings from the minute she met Solomon to the present where she was coerced into being a silent witness in fear of her life and the lives of others. I thought her character was convincingly written. But if you think Rebecca will get under your skin just wait until you meet Solomon…oh my god – what a twisted, controlling sadistic man he is; I could clearly picture him in my head and his level of control he exerted over those in his personal and public life was tangible – I read his character with my heart pounding and a real fear of what he was capable of. He is possibly the most manipulative and villainous character I have come across – deeply damaged by his early years he will stop at nothing to get the revenge he firmly believes he is entitled to. I could not get Solomon out of my head – he certainly will give you #TheFear!

The main theme of Witness is domestic abuse and the impact that it can have on victims long after the abuser is out of their lives, that feeling of “what if” the fear that the abuser will reappear is palpable throughout the book. This is clearly evident in this book, despite being free of Solomon for 10 years the fear has never left Rebecca and this fear has continued to impact on her behaviour even far away from his reaches. The book also looks at the issues of dysfunctional and abusive relationships within families and how a person’s life can be very much shaped by their early years. I thought it was a fascinating and chilling study on the subject.

This book was an emotional rollercoaster of a read. I was consumed by Rebecca’s fear and my heart pounded as the tension mounted throughout the book. It was a fast paced, twisted and compelling read full of sick mind games that will leave you an emotional wreck. Make sure you have set plenty of time aside because you are not going to want to put this one down! p.s. Lock all your doors before you start reading!

About Caroline:

A former police detective, Caroline has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences. She now writes full-time.
Published by Bookouture, her DC Knight crime thriller series reached the number one position in the Amazon crime charts and sold over a quarter of a million copies in the first year and a half of publication. The first in her new series, Love You To Death, features DS Ruby Preston is due for publication 11th November 2016.Her new psychological thriller, Witness, is published with Thomas & Mercer and due for publication 20th December 2016.Originally from Ireland, Caroline lives with her family in a pretty village on the coast of Essex. Sign up to join her Reader’s club for access to news, updates and exclusive competitions and giveaways. http://eepurl.com/IxsTj
To purchase Witness then jump on over to Amazon on the link below and get your fingers clicking!

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