My #TopReads2016

Top five

Well here it is! Finally I have managed to whittle my list down to my 2016 Top 15 (Books read and published in 2016 – there are many books I read not published in 2016 that are not included on this list)

Have you any idea how difficult it is to chose JUST TEN books! I mean seriously have you seen the books that have been published in 2016! So, as it’s my Blog and my rules then I’m going for my #TopFifteen and even that was a struggle!

And hey you may say I’m cheating a little but I’m also including my #TopTenDiscoveries of the year – for authors I have discovered over 2016 (books may have been published earlier) AND my five top tips for 2017! Well a girl’s got to figure out a way to include more in her #TopReads list eh!

What a year for #BookNerds!


In no particular order:

Death Do Us Part – Steven Dunne

Bloq – Alan Jones

Open Wounds – Douglas Skelton

Blood Lines – Angela Marsons

A Suitable Lie – Michael J Malone

Bad Samaritan – Michael J Malone

Dark Water – Robert Bryndza

Witness – Caroline Mitchell

I Know Your Secret – Graham Smith

Untouchable – Sibel Hodge

My Husbands Son – Deborah O Connor

In her Wake – Amanda Jennings

Tastes Like Fear – Sarah Hilary

All the Devil’s Neil Broadfoot

Those that Remain – Rob Ashman



My #top10discoveries of 2016 – authors that crossed my radar this year and are now firmly on my #StalkingList

All Fall Down – Tom Bale & See How they Run

The Gift – Louise Jensen

The Optician’s Wife Betsy Reavley

Outside Looking In – Michael Wood

Dead Mans Prayer – Jackie Baldwin

Scared to Death – Rachel Amphlett

Penance – Theresa Talbot

Old Friends New Enemies – Owen Mullen

Tuesday’s Falling    S William’s

Theseus Paradox – David Videcette

look out.jpg

Watch out for the following in 2017 (ARCs I have read)

Good Me Bad Me – Ali Land

Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pindburgh

Mary’s The Name – Ross Sayers

Tattletale – Sarah J Naughton

Quieter than Killing – Sarah Hilary


Wow seriously what a year 2016 was and 2017 is shaping up to be pretty damn awesome too!

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