Michael J Malone: Exclusive – Cover Reveal coming soon!


It is no secret that I am a MASSIVE fan of Michael J Malone’s books, so you can imagine the #Hyperventilation that is currently going on right now as Michael and #SarabandPublishers have asked me to do a cover reveal for his next book featuring Kenny O’Neill- #DogFight. Michael has assured me that no animals have been harmed in the production of this book – he couldn’t, however, guarantee the wellbeing of the people in the book!

#DogFight will be released on the 6th April and I am delighted to say that #Chapterinmylife will be doing an #Exclusive #CoverReveal this Saturday 14th January – right here on this blog! You are not going to be disappointed folks!

And that’s not all – the following week – the #blurb will also be revealed right here…I for one cannae wait!!!

If you haven’t read the rest of his books then there is still loads of time for you to fit them in before the 6th April. Believe me – you want to read these! Michael is a master in #GrittyGlaswegian #CrimeFiction – as soon as you open up the books you will want to ensure that you are protected because he takes you right onto the streets in the midst of it all!

Here’s what #Chapterinmylife has to say about  Michael’s books:

DI Ray McBain series:

Blood Tears – Michael J Malone

A Taste For Malice – Michael J Malone

Bad Samaritan – Michael J Malone

And of course #BeyondTheRage, while not technically part of the McBain series, it does feature him and his relationship with gangster Kenny O’Neill

Beyond the Rage – Michael J Malone

To buy any of Michael’s books then head on over to Amazon and get yourself clicking!

Michael J Malone – Books

See you all here next Saturday for the exclusive!

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