#Exclusive #CoverReveal Michael J Malone #DogFight


Well, it is finally here and you have no idea just how absolutely #Buzzing    #Chapterinmylife is to exclusively reveal the #AWESOME new cover for Michael J Malone’s latest book #DogFight

#DogFight will be released on the 6th April 2017 and features that loveable gangster Kenny O’Neill – hands up who all has a bit of a #GirlCrush on Kenny – because I know that I do!

Michael is a master of #GrittyGlasgow #CrimeFiction and I just know that readers are not going to be disappointed in this new book!  Seriously if you have not read any of his books then what are you waiting for –#cosycrimefiction they are not – they are jam-packed with #GallowsHumour of the Glasgow sort; dark and fast paced action, a sense of realism – I swear when I read them I am transported onto the streets of my home town!





You can pop over to Amazon and get them there – go on you know you want to – just click below…

Michael J Malone Amazon page

But what are we waiting for – are you ready? Close your eyes and open them real slow because you are in for an #AWESOME treat…

Are you ready…

Seriously are you…

Go on then…..


#WOW I LOVE IT! What do you all think? And don’t forget and exclusive preview of the blurb will be appearing very soon!


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