Well it’s been a strange old week in the world of social media and indeed in the world as a whole recently. A whole lot of negativity and folks pitching up against one another across the world which seems to be getting more and more divided as the months go on.

My love of books is about my escape from reality (yeah ok my genre choice is a strange escapism I know – but hey I embrace my weirdness!) As such my social media world does tend to revolve around the world of books and #AllThingsBookish and this is how I like it – there I can find other weirdos who like weird things like me and despite all our own little quirks and individuality we are a tribe.

However, this week things took a slightly strange turn – there seemed to be a bit of an unrest brewing, a sense that all was not right and feathers were being ruffled – it looked like #NegativeNigel had come out to play…:(

I’ve seen bloggers being bashed and accused of being dishonest in their reviews and for being the puppets of writers and publishers; I’ve seen bloggers bashing bloggers for not wanting to join in the revolution; I’ve seen arguments over who makes the best reviewer – a blogger or a “real” reader (seriously – I just poked myself with a screwdriver and guess what I bleed…I’m real); I’ve seen reviews being slated for being too long, reviews being slated for being too short; people being slated for their poor grammar and punctuation; readers being slated for their choice of reading material, book snobbery at its worst! I’ve also seen #Awesome posts and tweets from publishers and authors supporting all who review whether they do so via a blog page or by filling in reviews online at Amazon and Goodreads; I’ve seen bloggers, reviewers and readers come together to support each other – but the saddest thing I seen was someone who, I have never met before, but who was deeply affected by the tone and nastiness of what was happening around us all – and that was the post that made me stop and think…WTAF!

We live in a crazy world right now, there is bad shit happening all over, we turn on the news and no matter where in the world we are, there seems to be a common fear that somehow things are never going to be quite the same again – and not always for the better! I want to pick up my books and log into my social media accounts and escape from all this please! I want my #WorldOfBooks to be my #HappyPlace.

You know what – each and every one of us – every time we pick up a book – is a reader – some of us write reviews – some of us don’t; some of us put these reviews on a webpage we call our blog – some of us don’t; some of us write long and detailed reviews – some of us write a few lines; some of us have perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation some of us don’t; some of us like literary classics – some of us don’t; some of us like all genres – some of us only like one or two….I could go on and on an on but I won’t. My point is each and everyone of us are readers, each and everyone of us likes to discuss, share our thoughts on books and support the authors whom we have grown to love and those we are just discovering and these are the things that should be uniting us! Does it really matter to you if someone doesn’t like the same books as you, has a different approach to reviewing? Are you forced at gunpoint to read every post or tweet you see on social media…seriously in the grand scheme of what is going on out there in the real world – does it?! Does it matter to you when a fellow human being is left feeling alone, afraid and vulnerable because they feel intimidated online? It should matter and to me it does matter and so that is why from now on I’m staying away from the negativity and going back to what it should be all about #ForTheLoveOfBooks  

I am a reader who reads, discusses and reviews books; I share those books on a webpage which I call my blog; I value and respect every single person who is a reader no matter where they share their reviews and what format they use to share them. I respect every reader who doesn’t chose to share a written review, who choses to discuss their books; I respect every reader who choses reading as a solitary pastime and neither reviews nor discusses. I respect readers…and that includes us all ❤



8 thoughts on “#ForTheLoveOfBooks

  1. I agree completely with you – the more, and the more varied, the merrier and better for the world of books, as far as I’m concerned. I am so glad I didn’t come across any of this negativity this week, as it would have killed me on top of everything else that’s happening all around us.

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  2. I second everything you’ve just wrote!! I haven’t been blogging long and I’ve been totally confused this weekend as to the bashing of bloggers by supposed “real” readers?? You said it brilliantly…we are ALL readers and that’s the bottom line.

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  3. Great post Sharon, a shame it needed to be said but you said it well. On a positive note, the nastiness has also brought out the defenders and supporters who really understand and appreciate us. We are readers who simply share our views and likes, while supporting other bloggers, authors and publishers – all for free – which hardly merits the abuse being thrown around.

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