Alan Jones – appearing for one night only!

Well, you all know how much I’m obsessed with books and reading and in particular Scottish authors? You don’t….well clearly if you don’t know that one simple fact about me then you don’t really know me at all!

So as part of my quest to fill my life with #allthingsbookish I approached my local library last year to ask them to start-up a reading group specifically for crime fiction – they were delighted to fulfill my wish – so long as I facilitated and coordinated the group! Six months down the line, we are a wee happy group of around 12 crime fiction lovers! I was keen to do more than just read a book and chat about it though – I wanted the opportunity to bring along some real live authors (dead ones may have been more fitting with the group but a bit weird!) to our group to talk about the books that we have written. I was delighted when Alan Jones (author of #TheCabinetmaker #BlueWicked and #Bloq) agreed to come along and talk to us about his most recent novel, Bloq. I approached the library to ask if that would be ok and they too were delighted that the event was to take place – as long as I facilitated it and interviewed Alan! EEEEEKKKK – ok so I stalk authors online and at book events but I have never had to take responsibility for doing the actual interview! My nerves went into overdrive but I stepped up to the challenge and so for ONE NIGHT ONLY, ALAN JONES WAS APPEARING IN WILLIAM PATRICK LIBRARY, KIRKINTILLOCH,  and I was het for making it happen!

AJ library

At the risk of inflating his ego, Alan is one of my favourite authors, I love his writing and he is an all round decent guy to chat to (a very bad influence on a night out but that’s another story!!) So here is my wee round-up of the event!

Nerves settled we got to the library just in time for the group to start arriving; a good wee turn out with around 20 people coming along (we also managed to recruit another two members on the back of the night’s event!) I introduced Alan and he gave us a wee bit of background before a reading from #Bloq – with apologies for the swear words and the Albanian accent – neither of which offended anyone in the group!

Thanks to Anne Miller’s daughter, Hollie for getting me a very short clip of Alan doing a reading! Oh I wish I’d known she was doing this, I’d have asked her to video the whole event!


Then the grilling began in earnest – but I promise you all – I was very gentle with him and didn’t probe too much and he did manage to leave unscathed (I think!)

Alan gave the group a bit about his background and why he had stayed out of the public eye for so long (until he was outed by a couple of #Bloggers at Bloody Scotland last year – yep he dropped #Crimebookjunkie and myself right in it he did!). We were privy to the deepest, darkest workings of his mind at 3am in the morning when he suddenly wakes up with dastardly deeds in his mind!

It was then onto another reading, this time from #BlueWicked – and yes I’m not going to lie – I winced again at that prologue! My eyes watered! One of the group had read Blue Wicked and told Alan that he loved it and thought that the transition from “straight talking Eddie to the local Glaswegian dialect was the best he’d ever read” – way to go Alan!

We got to hear a little of his current work in progress, the badge of honour of the one star reviews that all authors need to embrace at some point in their career. Alan also told the group about the importance of reviews whether they were a one line review or a full bhoona special! He also kindly acknowledged the support of the blogging community, especially to self published authors. I was also buzzing to hear about some very #TopSecret plans for Bloody Scotland this year – you are not going to want to miss this one! But #MyLipsAreSealed #WatchThisSpace

All round it was a great night, the questions and banter flowed and it was over all too soon! Everyone of the members loved the evening, they all want to know when the next one is! So on behalf of the Kirkie Crime Readers a resounding big thank you to Alan Jones for making a #ONENIGHTONLY appearance in Kirkintilloch!

And of course, a night with Alan wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t round it off with a wee pint to celebrate! Cheers Alan!




To see my review for Bloq then check it out in the link below!

Bloq Review – chapterinmylife

To buy any of Alan’s books then head on over to Amazon and get clicking!

Alan Jones – Books/Amazon Link



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