#AyeWrite:in pictures

I’m delighted to have been fortunate enough this year to attend a number of events at #AyeWrite, Glasgow’s fabulous #BookFestival! I have to say this year was the best year yet…what an event and what a location! Not only is Glasgow the best wee city in the world, the main venue for #AyeWrite, the iconic Mitchell Library has to be one of the most beautiful buildings in my city! So before a pictorial overview of the events, here is a wee selection of some of my favourite pics of the Mitchell:


My first event on opening night, Thursday 9th March: Chris Paling and #Reading Allowed


Event number two was the brilliant Lin Anderson and Ann Cleeves, chaired by Alex Gray


Third on the list spicing it up were Steph Broadribb; SJI Holliday and Russel D McLean chaired by Gordon Brown!


My fourth night in a row and it was a superb panel with Michael J Malone; Louise Beech and Doug Johnstone, led by Russell D McLean. And we had  the beautiful Karen Sullivan from Orenda in the audience!



For my second last event I was lucky enough to be entertained by Alex Gray, Douglas Skelton and Les Wood, with the awesome Michael J Malone chairing the evening!

My last event of the festival was with Cally Taylor and Michael J Malone in conversation:

 Full write ups from all the events I attended are here on my blog.

If you have never visited the festival before then may I suggest you add it to your calendar for 2018. It really has something for everyone! Including #WeeWrite for the little ones in your life; there is fiction, non fiction, noir, sport, comedy and politics – you really will be spoiled for choice.

Gaun yersel Glesga Libraries, cheerio fir noo  and haste ye back #AyeWrite




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