#BlogTour Rachel Amphlett: Will to Live

When the lovely Emma Mitchell of #EDM Editorial and Publicity Services contacted me and asked me to be involved in the #BlogTour for Rachel Amphlett’s #WillToLive I was buzzing! It took me all of a nano second to reply and say YEEEEEESSSSSSS! I had been involved in the #BlogTour for the first in the Kay Hunter series #ScaredToDeath so I am delighted to be invited onto the tour for the 2nd book in what is shaping up to be one of the #topcrimethrillerseries out there!

I’m even more delighted to be kicking off this tour along with #EverywhereandNowhere so let’s go do it folks!

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What the blurb says:

When a packed commuter train runs over a body on a stretch of track known to locals as “Suicide Mile”, it soon transpires that the man was a victim of a calculated murder.

As the investigation evolves and a pattern of murders is uncovered, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter realises the railway’s recent reputation may be the work of a brutal serial killer.

With a backlog of cold cases to investigate and attempting to uncover who is behind a professional vendetta against her, Kay must keep one step ahead of both the killer and her own adversaries.

When a second murder takes place within a week of the first, she realises the killer’s timetable has changed, and she’s running out of time to stop him…

Will to Live is the second book in a new crime thriller series featuring Kay Hunter – a detective with a hidden past and an uncertain future…

My review:

#WillToLive opens with a bang! It had me hooked from page one and kept me engrossed all the way through! What is initially thought to be a suicide opens up a whole new investigation for Detective Kay Hunter and her team as they race to hunt down a killer who seems determined to keep to their own timetable of death! Short but sharp chapters keep a fast-moving but tight plot hurtling through until the very last page. In #WillToLive Kay continues to try to find out just who has the knives out for her professionally and this starts to impact on her life in and out with work with some very chilling consequences. This ongoing plot thread has absorbed me from book one in the series and I’m now metaphorically yelling at Rachel to get book three out there – because I NEED to know!

I love Kay’s character, developing from book one, the reader slowly gets to know her a little more with each chapter. She is strong and astute and to me, she feels true to life when reading; she is able to lead her team while continuing to harbour suspicion and mistrust as the personal vendetta against her continues to wage.

Kay’s relationship with her colleagues, although clouded by mistrust is strong and I’d guess pretty representational of relationships within the police force; Barnes and Sharp are ones to look out for and I am desperately waiting for book three (did I tell you I NEED the third book to be out soon!!!) to see how this is all going to pan out – just who has got it in for Kay and just how close to her are they really! OMG, the suspense is actually killing me here! Yep, Rachel Amphlett has ticked my boxes here by creating characters that I really care about, that connect and engage with me…this is what keeps me coming back for more!!

Suicide and mental health are briefly considered throughout this book and the police handling of family emotions was handled sensitively. The parallel plot surrounding the vendetta against Kay highlights the themes of mistrust and the difficulty faced when your everyday work life and relationships with colleagues are overshadowed by a deep-rooted suspicion.

Well if you like your crime thrillers, with a twist of psychological suspense and a smattering of procedure and a hint of hostility and grudges, then #WillToLive is one for you! Fast paced, twisty and hooking you in from the start just make sure you don’t have a looming ” to do” list in front of you because once you pick this up you are not going to want to put it down!



About Rachel:

Rachel Amphlett is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the new Detective Kay Hunter series, as well as a number of standalone crime thrillers.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel’s novels appeal to a worldwide audience, and have been compared to Robert Ludlum, Lee Child and Michael Crichton.

She is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold, being sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint in 2014, and the first four books in the Dan Taylor espionage series contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag in 2017.

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